Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Eastern Factor By Freddie Silva

The Eastern Factor
By Freddie Silva
Genre: Fantasy
The Eastern Factor: Kingdom of Haven Book 3
After being shattered by the death of his lady love, Olaf is sent east by his namesake
Uncle to recover in the relative safety of the Eastern Confederation.
Even here, he cannot rest.  
The Empire of Jewel is marching against his uncle's fledgling Kingdom of Haven,
and Olaf is tasked with finding a way to aid his uncle.
Suffering from his own internal demons of self-doubt and grief,
he attacks his mission with as much gusto as he can manage,
but has he learned from his previous mistakes?
In order to succeed, he must form odd alliances and thread the needle of daunting Eastern politics.  
Has he learned enough to recognize friends from enemies, and, above all,
keep his own dark impulses from destroying his efforts?
The fate of the Kingdom of Haven is depending upon his success.     
Coming of age is tougher when you're a Stenson.        

About The Author
Freddie Silva lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.  He has a passion for history, religion, and mythology.
 He strives to use elements from these interests in his writing.
 He has published stories in a variety of venues including: Catfish Stew: A South Carolina anthology of literature;
Triangulation; The Alchemist Review, and Short & Twisted Christmas Tales.
The first two novels in his Kingdom of Haven series, The Order of the Wolf and Stenson Blues, are available on Amazon and Kobo.
The third book, The Eastern Factor, will be released in January 2018.
He can be found at www.freddiesilva.com.

Author Giveaway
The author is giving away book two and three from his fantasy series, Kingdom of Haven.
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