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Maris Author: Isaiyan Morrison

Title: Maris

Author: Isaiyan Morrison
Series: The Brotherhood Files (Deamhan Universe)
Genre: Adult/Paranormal/Urban Fantasy/Dark Fiction
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: Mar 10 2015
Formats Available In: eBook & Print
She gave me her blood, and my life changed forever.
Anastasia. My sire. The only influential figure in my already-fragile life. She did this to me. She caused all the pain and suffering. There was a time I believed I owed her everything. After all, she gave me immortality and the never-ending thirst for the energy contained in the blood of my victims.
But now vampires hunt me and the humans want to use me as their personal weapon. They believe I'm some kind of apotropaic figurine that can damn all Deamhan and force us back into hell where we belong. Me? I just want to live. I just want to be Maris. That way, the only one I can damn is myself.

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Excerpt #1 PG
“That dress looks beautiful on you,” Jesse said to me.
I smiled at him. “Not in a million years did I think I would find myself enjoying this environment and wearing the latest fashions.”
“Neither did I but here we are,” he said to me, smiling back. “I'm curious. What did you see yourself doing?”
“I couldn't see myself living past the new century,” I replied. “I thought I'd die from tuberculosis in London.”
His smile withered. “Why would you think that?”
I faced him. “My mother was a prostitute and I followed in her footsteps. Women have short life spans in that type of lifestyle.”
“So is that how you got that?” Slowly he raised his hand and he placed it against the left side of my face.
I looked away. I never mentioned my scar to him and he never asked me, until now. “Vampires.”
He dropped his hand. “Vampires?”
“It's not important.” I didn't have enough fingers on both hands to count how many people had hurt me in both my human and Deamhan life. I didn't want him to know about the vampires and why I was important to them. I quickly changed the subject. “I've never asked you this but why did you start boxing?” I realized that I didn't know anything about Jesse's human life, his parents, his siblings if any. Again, I never bothered to ask. “You don't seem like the type who would participate in something like that.”
“My father was—” He stopped himself. “My father is an English teacher and my mother stays at home, drinking afternoon tea with other bored and sad married women.”
“Your father is a smart man, then?” My eyes lit up.
“Yes, he is. On the other hand my mother, well, she just likes to gossip and buy expensive things.”
“Did you not enjoy your family life?” I asked.
“I was bored,” he replied. “I wanted to do more with my life.” His eyes left my view for a moment. “I was lonely.”
I wanted to feel sorry for him but I didn't experience the life he had before being a Deamhan. “So hitting other men with your fists sounded more exciting?”
“That was my only escape.”
“You could've just purchased your way out of Chicago.”
“Yes, but what good would that have done?” A solemn expression appeared on his face. “Money doesn't always make you happy, Maris.”
“It made Finley and me happy,” I replied.
“Yes, that's true, but it won't last forever and you and I know that we have forever.”
“So, what makes you happy?” It was the same question Ruby asked me a long time ago.
“You.” He grabbed my hand. “You make me happy.” Swiftly, he planted his lips over mine and I felt a hot flash tingle in my throat. In quick speed I pushed him away.
“What are you doing?”
With his elbows supporting his upper body, he looked up at me and smiled. “What do you mean? I was kissing you.”
“I know but... why?
“Kissing you would make me happy.” He quickly grabbed the edge of my dress and pulled us further down into our booth. This time I didn't push him away as he kissed me again. With his teeth exposed he nicked my neck and I responded by placing my hand around his throat, tilting his head to the side, and biting into his neck. I questioned my actions but I didn't want to stop. We couldn't feed from each other but the idea of doing so proved enough to make me want to try. I wanted his blood in me as he wanted my blood in him. He bit into my neck and I felt a sharp quick pain. His thoughts twirled inside my head. I love you, Maris.

Author Information
A veteran of the Armed Forces, Isaiyan Morrison was born and raised in Minneapolis.
Her passions include writing, reading, and researching historical events. She also spends her time gardening, playing video games, and hanging out with her three cats and beloved Pitt bull.
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