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Her Black Soul by A.J. Norris

Guest Blog – A.J. Norris
Character Interview
My conversation with Abaddon, Supreme Demon Ruler of Netherworld…
Please note: I believe he added the “Supreme” part to his title. ;) Also let me give you an idea of what he looks like on Earth. He’s an eight foot tall horned beast with lines etched into his ebony colored skin. His eyes are sapphire and he has a tail and cloven hooves. Inside his realm, he looks like a beautiful man despite the horns on his head.
I’m excited that Abaddon has agreed to an interview. He tells me that he’s eager to tell his side of the story. I have a set of questions ready to throw at him, but things don’t go quite as planned.
AJ: Thank you for coming to speak to me today.
Aba: Uh huh. *He makes a get on with it gesture with his hand. He’s impatient and starts lazily swinging his tail back and forth and grins like the Cheshire Cat. I focus on not rolling my eyes.*
AJ: This interview was your idea. *I remind him and clear my throat. Despite my annoyance with his rudeness I can’t help but feel the power emanate from him.* Many of my readers like you for some reason…
Aba: *He cuts me off.* I’m not surprised. I have that effect on most females.
AJ: Yeah. Well, I said many, not most. Can you tell me what type of angel you are?
Aba: I’m not an angel.
AJ: Okay, What type of angel were you?
Aba: The best kind. I was king of the angels. *Clearly a self-proclaimed title. LOL*
AJ: Is there such a thing? I know there’s a hierarchy and different planes of existence for angels but isn’t there only one, to use your word, “king” of angels?
Aba: *His eyebrows rise.*  I see what you’re getting at, but Deus isn’t the only true king.
AJ: He’s not?
Aba: No! *He raises his voice but remains with his arms folded across his chest, leaning against the side of the portal he opened up.*
AJ: How did you wind up in Netherworld? Were you cast out of Arcadia (heaven)? Did you have a falling out with Deus?
Aba: We had a difference of opinion. And no, I wasn’t cast out. I chose to fall.
AJ: Difference of opinion about what?
Aba: Many things.
AJ: Like what? Can you give me an example?
Aba: I was in charge of the angels and He disagreed.
AJ: *I stifle a smile.* To me it doesn’t seem like anyone is in charge. The angels respect Deus but seem to have their own ways of doing things. He merely guides them.
Aba: Intriguing… You’re wrong though. He has more control over them than you think. He’s everywhere and in everything. It’s like living in a fish bowl.
AJ: Not Netherworld.
Aba: His energy can enter Netherworld. Believe me. Can’t stay long, but nonetheless…he came when Amalya sacrificed herself to save that weasel Elliott. Bartered for her soul.
AJ: She deserved a second chance. Don’t you think?
Aba: Not for me to decide.
AJ: But you wanted to keep her.
Aba: I’m over it. I was over it before she left me.
AJ: *Left you? I knew it, he’s not over her.* Just so you know, I don’t believe you.
Aba: *He sighs heavily.* I’m done with this conversation. Goodbye.
AJ: Can you at least tell me what type of angel you are?
Aba: Were. And no. Read about it in my book. *He steps back and closes the portal.*
AJ: But I haven’t written it yet. *I yell as the portal collapses.*
Aba: Not my problem!
*Thanks a lot.*

Her Black Soul
The Dark Amulet Series
Book Three
A.J. Norris

Genre: PNR

Publisher: Limitless Publishing, LLC

Date of Publication: April 11, 2017

Cover Artist: Deranged Doctor Design

Tagline: Sometimes the fight for your soul is a battle you can’t win.

Book Description:


Humans call it Hell. She calls it home…

Evita the Warrior has no memory of the life she led as an angel before her fall. The only place she knows is the fiery world full of goat-demons and animal-headed beasts. Despite many opportunities to flee, she chooses to remain. 

Virgil the Redeemer lost his mate centuries ago and has given up all hope of finding her…

Accepting that Evita will never return to him, Virgil eases his loneliness in the arms of different females, refusing to get attached, though his selfish ways leave a trail of heartbroken and angry lovers in his wake. During a night of drinking, Virgil hooks up with a demon in disguise and is captured by the Demon Ruler, Abaddon, and taken to Netherworld.

Trapped in Netherworld, Virgil faces an eternity of unendurable torment…

But it’s there Virgil finds his lost love. Overcome by joy at the reunion, he convinces her to leave Netherworld…only to discover the true reason Abaddon lured him to his realm.

Evita has a secret buried in her forgotten past…a secret the Demon Ruler could use to lay waste to the Earth…

Abaddon knows Evita hid an amulet on Earth before she fell—and he wants it back. To thwart him, Evita must recapture her memories of her life before her fall, and remember where she hid the amulet.

Can she unlock her past and beat the enemy to the prize in time to save the Earthly Realm from falling prey to Abaddon’s deadly plans?

Author Reading First Chapter:


Evie was more beautiful than he remembered. They sat crouched together on the ground. A smudge of dirt was streaked across her jawline and chin. Light from a torch far above their heads shone down. Her eyelashes cast shadows on her high cheekbones. Her black horns hadn’t diminished her looks. Partly because he loved her and nothing could interfere with that, and also he knew they were actually once golden wings. Even in the dimly lit cavern, he saw her blush. She was a fierce Warrior class angel in combat, but somewhat demure. His mate concealed the protrusions with her hands.
He tried his best to smile. “Do not worry about those.”
“Ohhhh,” the Damned soul garbled. Virgil helped Evie up and shielded her with his big body. The soul inched his way toward the cavern’s entrance on his stomach with his head facing up, leaving a bloody trail in his wake.
“Let’s get out of here,” Virgil said, taking her hand. The cool metal cuff reminded him they wouldn’t be getting far. Pools of molten rock lay on either side of the path leading to the Void cavern. Leaving her side, he searched around for something to chip the stone wall surrounding the anchors to free her chains.
On the far wall, near the people chained for punishment, Virgil spotted a pointed iron rod. Trying to break Aba’s chains was useless, but the walls weren’t under the Ruler’s control. Virgil focused on the metal staff as he approached. The chained Damned didn’t look as disgusting at a distance, although up close…oh Deus. Intestines spilled out onto the floor, eyeballs hung from sockets, and one was missing its lower jaw. Strike that. Not missing. On the ground in a pool of bodily fluids...
Virgil covered his mouth until he realized his own hand was coated in feces and coughed in disgust. “Yuk.” He dreamed of a hot shower. Many hot showers. He grabbed the rod and ran back to Evie and started chipping away at the wall.
“What are you doing?” she questioned.
“Getting us…out…of here,” he said between jabs. Stone chunks flew.
“But I don’t want to go anywhere.”
His heart constricted and died a little bit, except he didn’t stop chipping away. He switched to the other side of the anchor. Pebbles and dust landed on the ground.
“Stop…please,” she begged.
“No. You’re coming with me.”
“But I told you I don’t want to.”
 The last bit of wall gave way and the anchor clanked to the ground. They stared at each other for a moment. “You wanted me to tell you how I knew your name, did you not?”
“Yeah, but—”
“That is the deal.”
Evie narrowed her eyes. “That wasn’t our deal.”
He splayed his hands and shrugged. “It is now.”
“You can’t change the rules.”
“Are you going to come willingly or do I have to carry you out of here? Your choice, but I’m warning you, I’m not leaving without you.”

About the Author:

A.J. Norris is a romantic suspense and dark paranormal romance author. She enjoys being able to get inside someone else's head, even a fictional one, and see what they see. Watching how her characters deal with difficult situations or squirm with the uncomfortable ones makes the hard work of writing all worth it. However, writing and reading weren’t always in her foremost thoughts. In fact, her love affair with writing came as a shock to everyone she knows, including herself. At a young age, she rarely opened a book, unless forced to read something for school. But that’s all behind her now. She wrote her first book several years ago, which turned out to be a surprisingly cathartic process, and she hasn’t been able to stop writing since.

A.J. loves going to the movies, watching her son play baseball, and communing with other writers. She’s a member of two writer’s groups and RWA. She lives in southeastern Michigan with her family, who are extremely tolerant (at least most of the time) of all her late nights behind the computer.

Along with contributing to Magical Pages Book Blog & Reviews, she’s currently working on book two of her Tattoo Crimes Series.

Her romantic suspense novel, Tattoo Killer (Book 1 of the Tattoo Crimes series), was published by Limitless, LLC in October 2016. Her Black Wings, book one of The Dark Amulet Series, a paranormal romance, released in July 2016 and book two, Her Black Heart released August 23, 2016. The third book in her Dark Amulet series, Her Black Soul, comes out April 11, 2017.