Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Tell Me With Roses~Mareta L. Miller

Free until 11/11 

Loss is a feeling Julia Morreau knows all too well. On the day she was placing the last piece of her metaphorical puzzle, the table flipped and all the pieces fell to the ground, her beautiful picture forever destroyed. She would finally have the career of her dreams but she would lose the three people she loved most. Six years later she has completely shut out everything but that career. She’s content with the fact that she once had a soul mate and family and that those memories must last her a lifetime. What she’s not prepared for is Derick Edmunds, her new partner at work. He’s everything she never thought she’d want again, and even if she did want, never thought she’d find. He’s brought her back to life and, selfish as it may be, she can’t give him up, but she can’t give him the truth either. Can a woman, whose life has revolved around a tragedy trust the second chance she’s being given?

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