Saturday, July 2, 2016

Lucky Seal by Cat Miller

lucky Seal by Cat Miller 
$2.99 A Lucky Devil Novel (Prequel)

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Lucky SEAL: A Lucky Devil Novel Prequel by Cat Miller 

In Sin City, people lose their way every day. Some are swallowed by addiction. Many are trampled by the greed of others. Jennifer came to Las Vegas looking for a fresh start with the hopes of making it as a showgirl in spite of her family’s disapproval. The obsession of one powerful man shatters Jennifer’s dreams and sends her into hiding.
Rourke is home on a long awaited leave from his dangerous career in the Navy SEALs. All he wants to do is unwind and enjoy his down time, but fate has other plans for the brooding hero. Intrigued by her graceful beauty and secretive demeanor, Rourke can’t resist his need to decipher the puzzle Jennifer poses. 
Falling for Jennifer becomes the most treacherous mission of Rourke's career when the shadows of Sin City attempt to drag her into the darkness.