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Remember Me by Nanea Knott

Title: Remember Me
Author: Nanea Knott
Series: Sex Demon Series (#1)
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: February 19 2016
Edition/Formats: eBook
Will He Remember?
Greg Stewart is a smart detective. He’s been following suspicious cases from nearby areas. His gut tells him they’re related. He’s assigned to investigate a car accident. Digging into the details, he finds his victim is connected to the cases he’s been following. Now he needs answers. The first person he questions is Willow Harris, a friend of his accident victim. She’s smart, sexy, and definitely hiding something.
Willow Harris is a lonely succubus searching for her mate. He’s the only man who will remember having sex with her. She’s trying to help the sexy detective solve his case, but she has to be careful. Greg is human. He can never know sex demons are not just myth.
Greg keeps pushing for answers. Willow relents and tells him everything knowing that after she sleeps with him, he won’t remember anything she said, or will he?

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She walked back to her office and saw that Keely had called her cell phone. It was only nine-thirty in the morning, the stripper was up early.
“Hey Keel, you called?”
“Yes, I did, why didn’t you answer your phone?” Keely asked indignantly.
“That would be because I work when the sun is still in the sky.”
“Bitch, sorry, I’m up too early.”
“I noticed, what’s up?”
“My temperature,” Keely replied.
Willow groaned. It was Keely’s way of saying she was going into heat. The last time Keely was in heat, ten soldiers from the local military base went AWOL for 12 hours. The men were found confused, but unharmed walking along the highway with nothing on but their tidy whiteys and a smile.
“Remember what Marissa told you.” Willow cautioned.
“I know, I know, stay away from the military. But damn, it was fun. You should have seen the one guy…”
“No! I don’t want to hear what you did to the poor man.”
“Oh, come on, live a little would you? You’re stuck, little girl, you need to get out of your rut and find a new man to rut on you.” She laughed at her cleverness.
Willow wasn’t impressed.
“Was there a reason you called other than to annoy me?”
“Yes, there is a meeting tonight. Marissa’s called us in. She wants to talk about the supposed threat against us. It’s going to be at the restaurant in Ballard, you know the one. They are closing it down just for us. The meeting starts at six. We’re eating afterward.” Willow could almost hear Keely smiling. Eating meant food and sex.
“Horndog,” Willow commented.
“Come to mama, baby!” Keely laughed, “I have to go. I need to get back to bed. There’s a naked man in it.”
“You know you’re supposed to kick them out before dawn,” Willow said.
“Quit being such a wet rag. I picked him up this morning. He’s my new next-door neighbor. I’ll do him, put him out, and voila tomorrow I get to do him all over again.”
“Good luck with that.”
“I make my luck baby doll. See you later.”
Willow hung up and shook her head. Keely was nuts, but she was a good friend. If Willow ever needed help, Keely would be there for her. Oh crap, I forgot about my date with Chase.
The meeting was important. She couldn’t skip it. She remembered Todd calling last night to tell her to be careful. How had humans found out about us? She would find out later. She was sad Shelly would miss the meeting, but she would fill her in later.

Author Information
Nanea Knott is an erotic romance author of short stories, novellas and novels in the Paranormal, and BBW subgenres. She loves to read and write about sexy characters with guts and common sense.
Nanea was born and raised in Hawaii but has called Seattle home for over 15 years. Occasionally she surfaces from the depths of writing to go to work, see her family and friends, and pet her aging cat.

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