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Magic Moments~Angela Adams Guest Blog

Magic Moment
Angela Adams
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Amazon Encore
Date of Publication: August 5, 2015
ISBN: 978-1440554940
Number of pages: 264
Word Count: 65K

Book Description:
When the FBI brings Laura Roberts - a quiet, reserved bookkeeper - in for questioning regarding activities at the warehouse where she works, an uneasy Laura resigns her job - only to be attacked by thugs.
Chase Donovan intends to spend a few peaceful days on his boat getting his head together - and finds a woman being assaulted by two men who say his father told them to do it.
Chase doesn't want to believe his father could hurt anyone. Laura doesn't understand why she's a target. Can they learn to work together to discover the truth - before someone dies?

Guest Blog
Creative Liberties or “Can you get internet access and cell phone reception in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean?”

As fiction writers, we sometimes have to be “creative” and ignore common sense, or reality, in order to make things work. The best example of this comes when watching police dramas on television. I’m always amazed how they can get DNA results and autopsies back in 60 seconds.
In Magic Moment, Chase Donovan heads to the boat he keeps docked in Magic Lake Island, New Jersey. He stumbles upon two men assaulting Laura Roberts, the bookkeeper who works for his father. The men, assuming Chase is aware, refer to his father having sanctioned the use of the boat to kill Laura. Although taken aback, Chase decides it's safer for Laura if he plays along with these men. Insisting he’ll finish the job, Chase runs them off the boat and frees Laura from her restraints.  

After a heated tussle, Chase convinces Laura that his words were pretense. When she refuses to go to the hospital or call the authorities, he tends to her bruises. He is bewildered by what’s taking place around him. He fears for their safety and persuades her they need to leave the area and should sail to his aunt’s house on the Chesapeake Bay.

While writing this story, I needed Laura to be suspicious of Chase and for an act to take place where she’s eventually convinced of his sincerity in wanting to help her. I decided to have her find him reading articles on how to help a woman who has been assaulted and traumatized. She finds him reading on the internet. I also needed for Chase to be able to hear voice mail messages from his father on his cell phone.
Back when I wrote the first draft of this novel, I posed these questions to others. “If you’re in the middle of the Atlantic, can you get online?” And “how about using your cell phone?” Back then the answers I received ranged from “no” to “maybe” to “interesting question.” I searched the internet myself and found, “yes, for a cruise ship, but very expensive.”As I wrote the scenes, I decided if a cruise ship could have internet access and cell phone capabilities, so could Chase.
And, there goes my “Creative Liberty.”

Just in case you’re curious, here’s a sneak peek at the internet scene:

As she opened the cabin door, a pleasant, tangy sea breeze tickled her senses. Stiff limbs hindered her movements, but she climbed the stairs to the deck. The sun blazed in the clear blue sky. The boat teetered, alone, in a vast mass of water. A brisk chill nipped the air, and Laura hugged herself.

“Chase,” she called. No answer. She called his name again, this time her voice having an edge.
He wasn’t in the wheelhouse. She darted back down the stairs. If he had been moving around in the bathroom or “head” as he had called it, she would have heard him.
“Chase.” Panic gripped her. “Chase.”
Her heart pounding, she ran through the narrow corridor and stopped dead in the eating area. Propped up on the stool, he was asleep at the bar with a half-filled liquor bottle and an empty glass. His head rested on folded arms, his breathing deep. A laptop was also on the bar. The monitor was dark, but the yellow light blinked. Laura hit the space bar and print appeared on the screen. Several windows had been minimized.
Clicking on one minimized window, she skimmed the on-screen print and gasped, amazed at the words she read. She clicked another window and saw a search engine page. Chase had been reading articles on women who had been assaulted. Her eyes scanned the list of titles. He had wanted to understand, wanted to know how he could help her. From what she had observed of Chase in the last three years, she never guessed he had this sensitive, compassionate side to his personality. Her perception of Chase had been that of a friendly, but overindulged, self-absorbed playboy.
Who would have guessed?

Laura is having lunch at the local diner when two FBI agents approach her and insist she come down to headquarters and answer a few questions. A bewildered Laura finds Chase Donovan, her boss’s son, coming to her aid.
“Laura works for my father,” Chase said. “If I don’t see some identification, she’s not going anywhere with you.” To prove his point, his hand moved downward and his fingers wrapped gently around her forearm.
Chase also worked for his father, although what his role was within the business was generally debatable among the clientele. This was so embarrassing. In the three years Laura had worked as Dick Donovan’s bookkeeper, her conversations with his son had been work-related or cordial exchanges about the weather. If there was any chance of the floor opening up and swallowing her, she considered now the perfect time.
She turned to Chase. “Thank you for your concern. I’ve seen their identification.” She didn’t mention the hasty badge flip. “They have me confused with someone else. I’ll take care of the error, and get back to the office as soon as I can.”
“Let me go with you.” Chase tossed the men a wary glance. He still held her arm. “You should have an attorney.”
Laura winced, truly mortified. There was no need for an attorney or involving Chase Donovan in calling one. She had done nothing illegal. “I’m fine.”

About the Author:

Angela Adams writes and reviews contemporary romances. Her work has appeared in Romance at Heart, Oysters and Chocolate, Whipped Cream Reviews and The Long and Short Reviews. Her short story, "Burgers and Hot Chocolate" appeared in the Whimsical Publications' anthology, Winter Wonders. Magic Moment is her first novel.
Angela is a member of Romance Writers of America, and its chapters From the Heart Romance Writers and Elements of RWA.

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