Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Review: Innocent in Las Vegas

Innocent in Las Vegas
A.R. Winters

Synopsis:A Laugh-Out-Loud Cupcakes and Crime Caper

"I tell myself every day that I don't hate my job. It doesn't pay as much as stripping or being a cocktail waitress, but I get to wear more clothes... Still, there's a reason I'm trying to leave the madness of the casino pit to become a Private Investigator..."

Cupcake-loving croupier Tiffany Black is determined to leave her job at the casino for good. She's one small step away from acquiring her Private Investigator license, and has her eye on the prize.

Accepting her first real case - investigating the murder of casino-mogul Ethan Becker - should be exciting. Instead, things spiral out of control and Tiffany finds herself in over her head, as she confronts secretive suspects, corrupt casino henchmen and her mysterious, ex-Special Forces bodyguard.

Tiffany's poker-hustling Nanna and pushy parents want her to find a nice man and settle down, but Tiffany just wants to track down the real murderer before he finds her first... 

Review: I absolutely loved this book. Tiffany gets herself into a dangerous situation when she decides to take her first case as a private investigator. Not even yet fully accredited she finds herself kidnapped (twice), burglarized, and shot at.  
It's a race against the clock to find the real murderer and Tiffany has her work cut out for her.
I loved the quirkiness of this book. I found myself giggling most of the way through it.
A very entertaining and easy read.

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