Friday, October 23, 2015

A Weekend In Las Vegas

Finally getting a chance to post some pictures from a very fun weekend.
The fun started with a 6 hour drive from my home in Arizona to Las Vegas, Aside from a little rain the trip was uneventful.
The first stop was at the famous Gold and Silver Pawn store.

Sadly none of the guys were there so we had to settle for pics with cardboard Rick.
The shop is pretty interesting. I'd never been. Wasn't really interested but my friend wanted to go so we went.

That evening we had a great time with friends, I finally got to meet Wendi, and other writers at an authors round table. We discussed bringing your characters to life. It was very interesting and informative.

Finally Saturday came. The day I had been looking forward to for weeks.
The Vegas Valley Book Festival. I was so excited to get my Bonds of Blood and Spirit books signed again. But that would have to wait. The first stop was at Alexia Purdy and Katie Salidas's table

After I went in search of a couple other people I was looking for I got a message on my phone saying "Come back I need a picture with you!" LOL Ok Katie. So here is Cutie pie and I

So then naturally I had to have one of both of the girls

After all that fun I was getting a little concerned because I couldn't find Megan Duncan. I asked Katie if she'd seen her and was pointed in the general direction. Oddly I didn't even think to get her picture. But I did get a book :)


After all of that funness was finished I headed over to the real reason for my visit to Vegas.

The Bonds of Blood and Spirit table with my friends Deborah Dorchak and Wendi Kelly :)
Finally getting a chance to post some pictures from a very fun weekend.
The series
(Not shown in order)

Book 1 of Tao's Pride
(Coming soon)

I was sitting in the Alpha's chair and manning the register lol

Then co-Alpha needed a pic
My favorite pic of the whole day :)

If you would like more information on these books or their authors follow the links below

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