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Veiled Release Blitz with Stacey Rourke (With author guest post)

Guest post by Stacey Rourke Why did I decide to write a vampire story?
I love to challenge myself with new genres. I’ve learned that if I say “I could never write that type of content” it usually means inspiration will strike, and prompt me to do just that. I said I would never write romance. Then, after finishing my book Raven, in which I delved deep into the dark works of Edgar Allen Poe, I realized that a nice romantic comedy was exactly what I needed to get me out of that goth state of mind. Venturing into Urban Fantasy came about in a similar fashion.
I’m sure we all remember the vampire boom a few years back. Between Twilight, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, and more, you could throw a stick without accidentally staking a vamp … so to speak. Vampires flooded the mainstream, and it was then that I said I would never write a vampire book. Well, never say never!
When the idea for this book struck me, I knew I wanted to take on vampires in a whole new way. I wanted to meld the politica…

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